ILTA EdTech Annual Conference 2023

The Law Society of Ireland, Dublin

Thursday 1st June 2023
The Gastateers
  1. Kate Molloy – Atlantic Technological University
    “Cautiously Optimistic Open Ed Tech”
  2. Brian Mulligan – Education Futures
    “Let’s stop patronising students and lecturers and give them what they ask for.”
  3. Sorcha De Brun – University of Limerick
    “Past, Present, Future Tense/ions: Teaching Irish language grammar at third level through edtech approaches and innovations.”
  4. Natasha Jane McCormack – TUS
    “LAMS for Team Based Learning – The power of the RAP (Readiness Assurance Process)”
  5. Peter Windle – SETU
    “Transforming Communication on Online Courses using Slack”