EDEN 2023 Annual Conference

DCU St Patrick’s Campus, Dublin, Ireland

19th June 2023


  1. Dr Carina Ginty, Dr Moira Maguire
    Atlantic Technological University, Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT)
    “Transforming the Student Experience in Ireland through Learner Empowerment with the N-TUTORR Project supported by Next Generation EU”
  2. Mr Darragh Coakley
    Munster Technological University
    “The Mythology of ChatGPT”
  3. Dr John Meeegan
    Hibernia College
    “To Investigate the Use of a Virtual Scenario-Based Learning Simulation as an Integrative Authentic Assessment Approach on a Blended Learning Professional Programme”
  4. Ms Ana Marques
    Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board
    “Backward Teaching. Using Backward Learning Design to Plan a Blended Course”
  5. Dr Emma Francis
    Irish Universities Association
    “Microcreds Innovate: Novel University-Enterprise Collaboration for Micro-Credentials”
  6. Dr Mairéad, Nic Giolla Mhichíl
    Dublin City University
    “Micro-Credentials: Stop in the Name of Love”
  7. Mr. Brian, Mulligan
    Education Futures
    “No More, the Poor Relation! Campus is for the Elite, Online is for Everyone!”



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